Monday, April 29, 2019

UCT Students take home 13 Gold Medals in MA SkillsUSA Competition

UCT students competed in the Massachusetts SkillsUSA Competition this weekend. Each year, career and technical education students across the nation compete from the local to national level, showcasing the excellent vocational skills they are gaining in their areas of study.

As a school we were awarded 13 Gold medals, 3 Silver, and 1 Bronze. Great job. On to Nationals!

First Place:
American Spirit: Faith Ball-Roemer, Ashley Perry, Nina Barette

Career Pathways Showcase; Natural Resources/Agriculture/Food: Jillian Taylor, Joseph Rotondo, Derek Duggan
Occupational Health & Safety Multiple Section: Nathan Zylich, Noelle Tavares, Phoebe Cardoso
Occupational Health & Safety Single Section: Corinne Deangelis, Sean Mallard, Cara Cox
Marine Service Technology: Xavier Sequeira

Second Place: 
Information Technology Service: Christopher Raposo 
Marine Service Technology: Wallace Alden
Internetworking: Kameron McElroy 

Third Place: 
Automotive Refinishing Technology: Courtney Enos

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Chrissy: UCT Environmental Science & Technology Shop Spotlight

Chrissy DeStephano: UCT Environmental Science & Technology Shop

 "We’re always outside or getting hands on into a project. 
It’s different every day."

Why She Chose UCT: 
I wanted to attend Upper Cape Tech because my sister was a senior when I was a freshman and she really drove my decision to come here.

Why She Loves Her Shop: 
My favorite part about this shop is the relationship we have with our teachers. They’re always there for you no matter what. Everybody messes up -- they know that happens. And they’re always there for you.

Her Future Plans:
I’m not committed to any college yet but my first choice is Johnson and Wales University to major in criminal justice.  My plans after I graduate college  are to enroll in a law school somewhere to study in environmental law.

How UCT Has Benefited Her: 
I’ve benefited from the Upper Cape Tech experience because I’m learning presentation skills and professionalism, and I may not have gotten that elsewhere. 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Christopher: UCT Engineering Technology Shop Student Spotlight

Christopher Rogers: UCT Engineering Technology Shop

 "The UCT education is different from a traditional high school because you’re not in academics all the time, and you’re learning things that interest you."

Why He Chose UCT:
I wanted to attend Upper Cape Tech because it’s a trade school and trade schools allow you to get experience before you go out into the workforce or college.

Why Engineering Tech? 
The engineering shop is really fun. We get to do a lot of hands-on experience and work on the mechanical side of things.

His Future Plans:
My plan after graduation is to attend a four year college and get my mechanical engineering degree.

My long term plan after college graduation is to get into a nice job quickly in mechanical engineering and eventually to get my Master's. 

How UCT Has Benefited Him:
I’ve learned so much from Upper Cape Tech. Obviously going to the trade school I’ve learned so much about engineering in general. I found out what I wanted to do in life. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

UCT Co-Op Spotlight: Envirotech Laboratories, Sandwich MA

Co-Op Spotlight, Envirotech Laboratories

"The Upper Cape Co-op program is an excellent program where students get to come into a real life facility and actually learn how to work in one." - Rebecca LaValley, Envirotech Laboratories

Chrissy DeStefano:
Senior, Environmental Science & Technology

Benefits of the Co-Op Program: "Me going on a co-op really helps my relationship in the workforce. I can talk to clients, customers, and all my employers, they teach me everything I need to know about what I would need to learn after high school."

What She Does on Co-Op: "Starting my junior year in January I started working at Envirotech and Laboratories in Sandwich. People bring in samples of water and I can test it for any type of bacteria they want, such as E.Coli, etc."

Rebecca LaValley: 
Co-Op Supervisor, Envirotech Laboratories

Why She Participates in Co-Op: "We're involved because we've had good success with different kids. I enjoy having the students here because I enjoy watching them grow throughout the year and I enjoy the challenge of working with them. "

What She Teaches in Co-Op: ""This is Chrissy's second year with us and it's been great because I've been able to start to teach her new things. Last year we did a lot of things with the bacteria, and this year we've actually started working new instruments. So it's awesome to be able to like build on what's been happening."

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Cape's Labor Force Crisis (and how UCT is solving it)

I was recently quoted in Jon Chesto’s Boston Globe column, “Cape Cod’s fuzzy future,” which discusses how expensive housing, restrictive zoning and a dwindling labor force are causing an exodus of young families on the Cape.

While here at Upper Cape Tech we can’t do much about the housing crisis (thankfully Governor Baker and Lieutenant Governor Polito have been touring the state promoting their new bill to make it easier to create affordable housing state-wide), we have a lot to offer families and the businesses they frequent.

Chesto discussed the dramatic declines in the number of students enrolled at schools across the Cape: but not here at Upper Cape Tech.

I told Chesto that last just last year we turned away between 85 and 150 students. And these are students who come to UCT and learn valuable trades that the Cape needs to thrive.

He wrote:

Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce CEO Wendy Northcross says business leaders have become increasingly concerned about the labor force, since the Cape’s overall population peaked in the late 1990s... 
(Bob) Dutch says he hears all the time from employers who can’t find enough employees because fewer kids are graduating Cape schools. The average age of workers at marinas and boatyards is 50, he says. There simply aren’t enough newcomers to replace those who are aging out. That dynamic plays out everywhere you turn, from landscapers to auto mechanics.

If Upper Cape Tech had the space and finances to accept those waitlisted students, that would go a long way to keeping current families on the Cape. If Baker and Polito are successful in encouraging more affordable housing, hopefully our graduates will stay here and use the many valuable trade skills they’ve learned at UCT in local businesses.

The new Athletic Center at UCT is a step in that direction, allowing us to accept more students.

Our communities need year-round workers, and Upper Cape Tech strives to give the Upper Cape and South Coast just that.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Madison: UCT Health Careers Shop Student Spotlight

Madison Brun: UCT Health Careers Shop

 "Compared to more traditional schools, UCT is definitely a lot different in the sense that we only have academic classes every other week. I work at Spaulding Rehab every other week instead 
of coming into school."

Why She Chose UCT: 
I wanted to attend Upper Cape Tech because I plan on attending nursing school and I wanted to get a headstart on that because they teach a lot of the classes I have to take my freshman year. 

Why She Loves Her Shop:
My favorite part of being in the health career shop is that it's preparing me for college. I know I have to take nutrition next year and I took that my sophomore year. So I kind of have background information that I wouldn't normally have. 

Her Future Plans: 
I'm attending Umass Boston in the fall for their nursing program. And then after those four years I'm going to attend two years of grad school because I want to be a neonatal nurse.

How UCT Has Benefited Her: 
It's helped prepare me a lot for nursing school because I already know some of the stuff that they're going to be teaching us so I won't be as lost. And working hands on in a hospital has definitely helped me.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Matthew Bridge: UCT Student Spotlight, Information Technology Shop

Matthew Bridge: Information Technology

 "Because of my UCT education, I'll get a certain edge in the workplace over people who haven't gone to a vocational school."

Why He Chose UCT: 
"I wanted to attend Upper Cape Tech to seek an education in a vocational area. So I'll be able to learn stuff that I can use in the real workforce once I graduate from high school."

Why He Loves His Shop:
"My favorite part of the shop is actually working with the physical hardware that we have, like managing the server room."

His Future Plans: 
"My plan after graduation is to join the workforce right away. With the netflow certification that I'm studying for in the shop, I can get a job working as a network administrator.

My long-term plan is to secure my company's network and to provide a safe and secure network for the employees."

How UCT Has Benefited Him: 
"I've benefited from this education by having knowledge that actually applies to the real world and I'll be able to start working right after graduation."